Robert Scott Batchelar

Financial Advisor

Robert Scott Batchelar is a Financial Advisor from Massachusetts. He has been working within the financial services industry since graduating from Bryant University in 1994. Robert Scott Batchelor, who often goes by Scott, is dedicated to providing high-quality service to each of his clients. 

While attending Bryant University, which is located in Rhode Island, Robert Scott Batchelar studied Business Administration. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing in May of 1994. 

Robert Scott Batchelar realized that he enjoyed finance and began working as a Credit Manager for Wells Fargo Financial soon after graduation. He was able to start his career at a very large and successful company, which enabled him to continue to work at well-respected companies. Robert Scott Batchelar has worked for some of the largest banks in the world in the retail and wholesale mortgage space as well as in financial planning. 

After spending two years as a Credit Manager, Robert Scott Batchelar began working as a Senior Loan Officer for Key Bank. Scott Batchelar’s responsibilities in this role included assessing a client’s monetary situations and recommending appropriate financial solutions. Here, he was able to develop and practice his financial planning skills. He also performed credit investigations where he analyzed client applications and financial backgrounds to determine their loan qualification. During his three years at Key Bank, Scott Batchelar was consistently ranked in the top 10 percent of the sales force. 

In the year 2000, Robert Scott Batchelar became the Branch Manager for Countrywide Financial in Massachusetts. He managed the branch office that was responsible for over $300 million in annual loan production. Scott Batchelar was also responsible for supervising a staff of Loan Officers and operational personnel in this role. Working as a Branch Manager, Robert Scott Batchelar gained and improved his management, problem-solving, and sales skills, which he was able to apply and use in his next role. 

 At the end of 2005, Robert Scott Batchelar began working at Citigroup as a Wholesale Account Executive. He continued to use and master his sales skills while in this position. Scott Batchelar conducted daily sales presentations and sales calls, which helped to increase and improve the quality of loan volume. 

Robert Scott Batchelar later obtained a position at Bank of America Investment Services as the AVP – Mass Affluent Financial Advisor in 2008. Some of his responsibilities included soliciting investment, credit, and deposit products and assisting with finances during significant life events such as retirement and career changes. 

Robert Scott Batchelar successfully began Federal Benefit Specialists, LLC where he served as the Principal. Scott Batchelar owned and operated this life insurance and annuity agency starting in 2008. The goal for Robert Scott Batchelar and Federal Benefit Specialists were to explain elaborate benefit plans to federal employees and offer these employees superior alternatives to their benefits package. Since 2008, he has successfully produced over $25 million in annuity premiums. 

Currently, Robert Scott Batchelar is the Financial Advisor at J.D. Mellberg Financial, where he provides expert retirement income planning advice with a focus on the distribution phase of retirement planning. Scott Batchelar uses sophisticated and proprietary income planning methods to help improve the financial situations of his clients. 

As Malcolm Gladwell contends, “an extraordinarily consistent answer in an incredible number of fields … you need to have practiced, to have apprenticed, for 10,000 hours before you get good.” Scott has put in his 10,000 hours concerning financial planning and is eager to work with proactive clients.